Welcome to The Exercise Coach - Hedwig Village. We are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - Hedwig Village, we are energized to help!

Denise Selvog

Studio Manager

She is a native Houstonian and a devoted mother to two daughters. Being a mother with limited free time, and having a good amount of old injuries, she originally started with us as a client at the West University location. With hard work and dedication she obtained amazing results which fueled her passion for health and wellness. Her new found goals inspired her to get her certification for a spot on The Exercise Coach team. After two solid years with the company, and an incredible amount of passion, she has worked her way up to become the Studio Manager of Hedwig Village.
With an extended Dance and Physical Fitness background, she understands the determination and desire of wanting to better oneself. Her strongest attributes to the team is her attention to technique/form and a highly motivational coaching style. Her life experience and excellent customer service makes her one of our most relatable trainers.

Becca Smith


Becca recently moved here from Dallas after getting her Health Science degree from Sam Houston State University. She has always had a love and passion for physical fitness. Becca has had personal experience, and success, with making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. She understands what it’s like to be faced with challenges, but with the right mindset and hard work, your goals can be achieved. Becca has been with The Exercise Coach since August of 2015 and has made many great relationships with clients and staff. Becca’s Southern charm brings a warm feeling to our Hedwig studio.

Courtney Loth


Courtney graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.  She is personally devoted to changing other's lives through nutrition, fitness and the use of a balanced lifestyle. After graduation, Courtney found a home at The Exercise Coach where she has been able to fulfill her passion by transforming other’s lives. Her strengths as a coach are high-energy, motivational sessions with a focus on diet and nutrition as well.

Clark Gullickson


Clarks' passion for health and fitness stems from a natural desire to help others incorporate physical activity, rehabilitation and gaining peace of mind through personal training. Since 2011, he has strived to help clients over come adversity through program adherence by establishing and accomplishing attainable goals. Clarks' strongest attribute is his detailed coaching style.

"I will challenge, motivate, coach YOU towards your personalized fitness goals"

Tommy Batchelor


Tommy is currently studying business. He has been an athlete his whole life from playing football, basketball, soccer and running track. Tommy has a great passion for helping people. Everyday he learns something new about the clients and paves a way for them to be successful through The Exercise Coach. One of his strongest attributes is his boyish charm.

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